Immersive Analytics for
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Immersion Analytics enables everyday business people to both comprehend data at a level that formerly required expert use of artificial intelligence or machine learning and to deliver compelling data storytelling to share breakthrough insight with others.

See the power of Immersive Data Visualization - Two minutes captured in the Boardroom

Your data has more than four columns and you need to understand it from every angle. But traditional flat screens can only show plots comparing four things, X and Y-axes, Size and Color. You're either looking at a lot of plots on a dashboard or you're missing key perspectives on your data.

We've reinvented how you visualize modern datasets. Our immersive analytics solution lets you intuitively explore big data across many dimensions at once. With a single, clear-eyed view, you intuitively gain new insights, faster, and offer compelling data storytelling experiences accessible by all audiences..

Using our software, you intuitively see your data as one unified immersive visualization of columnar, graph or time series data. This enables insight previously not possible by bringing human commonsense and governance in the loop.

Explore, Discover in a Blink of an Eye

See data in one single holistic view - all at once, animated over time.

Zoom in, around, up and down, change views and toggle between variables to explore data from all angles without having to pivot or slice.

Identify new patterns, anomalies and outliers - new opportunities others miss.

Accelerate data analysis, and complement existing models and methods.


Create dialog around complex topics and remove barriers to communication

Peek inside complex ML / AI black box models to understand and communicate with stakeholders

Share collaborative data discovery, insights, and storytelling across your team --- locally or remotely across the globe.

Find the True Treasure in Your Data

See what your data has been trying to tell you

Trends, groupings and correlations come alive

Uncover unknown risks & opportunities

Shorten time to insights

Our Story

Bob Levy launched Immersion Analytics to overcome a gap he saw between analytics methods and our human potential to process more data, faster.

Today you make business decisions based on oversimplified charts that are limited by 2D screens.  But you are capable of so much more.

Our company’s eureka moment combines one part quantitative finance with two parts helicopter pilot lessons. You may wonder what the two things could possibly have in common? The answer becomes clear when you consider the large number of factors both need to juggle in order to be successful. While learning to fly a helicopter Bob realized the human mind is capable of juggling many factors at once. This epiphany inspired the invention of the patented technology behind Immersion Analytics.

Imagine applying the same innate spatial awareness to data exploration. Our immersive data visualization solutions portray high data volumes and many relationships in a single multidimensional view. We combine machine power with human intuition to yield unprecedented insight.

Led by executives who each bring decades of enterprise software and industry experience, Immersion Analytics helps solve otherwise impossible problems in quantitative investing, banking & finance, risk management, cybersecurity, defense & intelligence and other industriesThe rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

How It Works

Augmented Reality, MR & VR headsets provide the level of immersion you prefer.

Supports numerous deployment and hardware scenarios.

Hyper-dimensional view into columnar / discrete, surface, graph and time series data.

Integrates with real-time data feeds.

Integrates with your existing systems & models


Immersion Analytics's customers quickly glean crucial insights from massive amounts of information. Whether defending their shores, gaining an edge on financial markets, mitigating risk or thwarting cyber attacks, they now make routine what was once impossible.

Due to the confidential nature of client work, please contact us directly to learn how our solutions apply to your needs.


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