Immersive Analytics for
Business Intelligence | Financial Markets | Defense | Cybersecurity | AI Governance™

Immersion Analytics software enables everyday business people to both comprehend data at a level that formerly required expert use of AI or machine learning, and to deliver compelling data storytelling to share breakthrough insight with others.

Integrates with Tableau and Qlik Sense for business analysts, and MATLAB and Python for data scientists / quants.

Available for PC, Smart Screen, Mac, Tablet, Phone, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality devices.

Also available as a runtime SDK for enterprise developers who want to integrate immersive data visualization, presentations and/or collaboration into existing enterprise offerings & workflows without the learning curve of unfamiliar tools customary used for developing immersive solutions.

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with Tableau
Now integrated with Tableau!!!

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1st place at Tableau's
2021 DataDev Hackathon

Explore, Discover in a Blink of an Eye

See your data in one single holistic view - all at once, animated over time.

Zoom in, around, up and down, change views and toggle between the dimensions you want to explore. Explore without having to pivot or slice.

Identify new patterns, anomalies and outliers - new opportunities others miss.

Accelerate data analysis and complement existing models and methods.


Create dialog around complex topics and remove barriers to communication.

Peek inside complex ML / AI black box models to understand and communicate with stakeholders.

Share collaborative data discovery, insights, and storytelling across your team --- locally or remotely across the globe.

Find the True Treasures in Your Data

See what your data has been trying to tell you

Trends, groupings, and correlations all come alive. See beyond summary statistics to gain a more complete picture of anomalies and outliers of interest.

Uncover unknown risks & opportunities

Shorten time to insights

How It Works

Immersion Analytics software solves the modern enterprise data problem --- how to rapidly see, understand and communicate that mountain of data.

Our patented Dimensional Engine™ multiplies your knowledge workers' productivity to keep up with an increasingly fast-paced and data-intensive world.


Immersion Analytics Awarded Microsoft MRPP Partner Silver Award for Performance Excellence

Microsoft recognizes Immersion Analytics for helping advance the use of HoloLens 2 in the Enterprise Segment.....

Immersion Analytics Releases "2 Minutes Captured in a Boardroom" Using Magic Leap ML1
See how immersive data visualization transforms how teams understand and communicate data insights.....

Immersion Analytics Signs Technology Partnership Agreement with Qlik

Immersion Analytics brings immersive data visualization capabilities to Qlik's worldwide base of users...

JULY 2019